Gratitude Post – Week 2 & 3, 2022

What am I grateful for these 2 weeks?

With the rise in wave 3 pandemic and our society being a containment zone, I am glad for our safety.

I am glad of the festive lunch at Sankranthi prepared my mom.

I am grateful for the ability to being purchase some technology items for mom to ease her life in Bellary.

I am grateful for a wonderful time with mom and bro for episodes on Netflix shows like Kim Convenience and others.

I am grateful for having been able to have some me time at salon.

I am grateful for being able to connect back with some old friends

One Lesson I Learnt

Always keep learning. As you grow you need more time to nurture your body, mind and intellect.

What I look forward for in the week…

Hopefully getting back to focus on my health routine

Create habits again that were committed on Week 1.


Published by Akshata

I am an IT working professional in Bangalore and will be blogging about my thoughts on life, movies, escapades and others..

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