Gratitude Post – Week 4 & 5, 2022 – 24th Jan – 6 Feb

What am I grateful for these 2 weeks?

I am glad of having being able to spend two meaningful weekends. Last weekend we spent good amount of time and money for shopping in preparation for cousin’s wedding. Have spent good time in the old neighbourhood and snacks at MTR. This weekend, we had a relaxed weekend as well, Dinner outing at Pasta Street Sunday lunch preparation of Undhiyu..

I am grateful for having been able to clean my room and dust it finally.

I am grateful for my mom being so considerate and understanding. She has been serving me food at my work table.

I am grateful for being able to attend philosophy class for two weeks.

I am grateful for being Covid safe .

I am grateful for having been able to have some me time at salon.

I am grateful for being able to connect back with some old friends from philo school and spend some shopping time with them

I am grateful for finishing a vlog edit video.

One Lesson I Learnt

A habit or a pattern, in this case identity was learnt at a time when my soul needed it. Now that it has served its purpose, one needs to unlearn it and focus on what is current purpose

What I look forward for in the week…

Hopefully getting back to focus on my health routine. Don’t want to disappoint myself

Create habits again that were committed on Week 1.


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I am an IT working professional in Bangalore and will be blogging about my thoughts on life, movies, escapades and others..

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