Europe Diaries#1…A Romance with the World’s Fashion Capital

3 August 2013

A Romance with the World’s Fashion Capital

As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to go to Europe. I had made various plans with my friends for a long time , but then as it sometimes happens they never seemed to work out. So, when my patience reached to its brim, I decided to sign up for a tour package on my own and check this one of My Bucket List. This post would one of the series for my Europe Diaries…

Paris.. The Fashion Capital is probably one of the most common must visit places for most of the people… From the moment I had caught the flickering lights on the Towere, the late last evening, I was very restless to go and see the tower.. So the next morning, eager I was for the visit , that I could not swallow the breakfast as well.. (Not that the breakfast was interesting, I was bored with the routine English Breakfast 15 days into this tour..).

The drive into the city was a long one (20 minutes long , but I felt it was longer!)… As soon as I stepped out of the tour bus and laid my eyes completely on the tower, the first thought which crossed my mind at the closer view of the
Eiffel tower was .. Magnificent !!DSCF6435

Having been given repeated words of caution by our tour manager about the long queues, I hurried up to join in the queue as I was definitely not ready for 2-3 hours.Thankfully, the queue was not so long and we managed to get in to first level of Elevator by 20 mins.


Reaching the First Level, was just a prelude of what could be expected at the top. Lots of crowd, Lots of restaurants and even a longer queue to go to the Second Floor.


After a slightly longer wait at this level, I went in for the last ride to the Summit..The view was  breathtakingly beautify.. Cool Breeze blowing on your face while the sun shines through the clear blue sky and a view of the city. It was a perfect morning to spend here .. I loved it!!! Despite the huge crowd all around, there was a kind of serenity and silence their which I enjoyed a lot.. Enjoying the view of the city and thinking about what is that drives the minds of  some of the brilliant people like Alexandre Gustave Eiffel.

Having enjoyed the view for some time, I started looking around for the landmarks that our tour manager had asked us to look out for ..

Arc De Triomphe


The City of Paris nestled on Banks of River Siene


École Militaire and Montparnasse Tower.


Trocadero Gardens




After spending about an hour at top, it was now time for me to go back to the next part of the sightseeing. I was also looking forward to the evening cruise on the Seine, so that I could see Paris and the Eiffel Tower in its full Glory…

Paris and Eiffel Tower will be one of the cherished memories for me always.. Hopefully, I can back to this city to explore at a lot more leisure , than just a limited time set in an itinerary.


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