Know Me More!!

Know Me More

As an IT professional in Bangalore , with an erratic work schedule , I hardly found time to pursue my interest on writing and maintaining a blog. I could not postpone this anymore . My conscience has been pricking me for a while now and I finally forced myself to get around doing this finally!!

So now the question was , what do I blog about ?  I decided I would talk about stuff that has influenced me. My first love , My Fun, My Adventures and of course the hard hitting experiences.

Growing up in a family of avid readers, books have always been a part of my life as far as I can remember. Since everyone, had their own favorite genre, I always had a lot of choices to choose from. Every family vacation we planned , our luggage would have more books than the clothes. (The sole reason for my mom’s exasperation as she is always the in-charge of Packing!) Even now, our house has more book shelves than wardrobes or even showcases. Through this blog, I hope to rekindle my forgotten romance by talking about some of the books that have made a lasting impression on me.

If  there was no book with the fresh crisp pages available at hand, I would be looking for excuses to catch up on the movies. With no access to cable television earlier, movie watching experience would be a special adventure on its own. The planning, scheduling a video rental (I did not go to a theater until very later ), inviting friends and neighbors over was a fun event. It was almost as good as an indoor picnic for me. Though the movie watching experience has changed now, I still almost never miss a chance to catch up on movies. Opinions on Movies are more subjective than any of the other things in life. Here, I will talk what clicks with me and what doesn’t

Reading about these exotic places in the books and watching the beautiful locales in the movies, always left me with a feeling to visit them. It was not until after I started working that I got a chance to explore this wish as well. I have started uncovering a different side to me by exploring these places and checking them off my bucket list one by one.  I will talk about each of my escapades and my recommendations on Must Do’s and Never Ever’s

I am an amateur writer and not a professional editor or a critic. Any opinion or viewpoint expressed in this blog are just my personal idea and not related to any single  person , body or a company. But I would still love to hear your reviews and feedback to improve my posts.


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