An Imtiaz Ali movie is usually to watch out for! Tamasha is a journey of the self realization most of us looking for in our life.

Through the eyes of the lead character Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) we see two sides to him .. an eccentric , gregarious and happy go lucky person who loves to enthrall his audiences with stories. The other is an average corporate professional who leaves a very robotic routine life of home – office – home with occasional hangouts with friends.  Tara (Deepika) in contrast is a perky full of life , who does not fear to live life on her terms.

The first half of the movie keeps you hooked  to your seats but the second half of it is when it becomes a little slow, preachy and monotonous . You find the lead in a conflict to choose his own individuality, win over his love and also stand up to his family  All in One.  Deepika is a complete delight in every frame she is present and Ranbir does shine through his performances, finally after a couple of flops this year.  And RanDeep chemistry is no way go out .. Watch out for their fabulous performances in the confrontation scene at the Cafe. !

A nice watch in overall and I would recommend it for both Ranbir and Deepika fans.

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