Tanu Weds Manu Returns

31 May 2015.


As I had not seen the first part, Tanu Weds Manu I was not very keen to watch this one. But raring reviews on this sequel and rumors on how one of the leading daily had to retract their below Average ratings to High just because of readers feedback, had me amused ! ! This was enough to make me curious and I did set out for watching this one…

Honestly, barring few things here  and there, I did like the movie.Crackling one-liners and excellent performances by the entire cast did keep me glued to my seats till the end.

I really appreciated the non-conventional portrayal of  both the female characters Tanu and Gattu. However, I did not find any good reason to warrant Tanu’s loud and brash attitude. The entire issue of Manu being admitted to a mental asylum on some vague charges of his wife was a little exaggerated and overdone.

On the other hand, I totally fell in love with endearing Kusum. Like Tanu and many other girls in India, she also has been fighting the typical expectations her traditional family has from her.She wants to make a mark and is on her way to be a national level athlete. Despite being aware of the imminent out-lash from her family, she is still very insists for their consent, before accepting Manu’s proposal.

Manu is the epitome of a guy who is hopelessly blind in love with Tanu. Even when he decides that he wants to move on from her, the second  time he falls in love with a look – alike of Tanu!! And even when he realizes that he is just fond of her and not in love, he still decides to go ahead with the marriage, as he is very serious with his commitment and does not want to disappoint Kusum.

Among all these we have lot of subplots running ; Chintu with a crush on Tanu and vying for her attention, Tanu trying to rekindle her friendship with Raju, Raju fighting with Manu again to win back his fiance (Kusum this time!!) , a faithful Pappi who wants the best for his friend. All this plots run in parallel at Haryana – Gujarati wedding of their friend Jassi’s sister.Though convoluted at times, these parallel plots have their fun moments.

Kangana was spectacular in both these characters so diverse from each other. Hats off to her. She has upped her mettle a notch more.R Madhavan a fantastic actor always, who personally I think does too little work , but its always a pleasure to watch. Jimmy Shergill, though in a small part makes his impact as a ‘once more ditched fiance’.

This movie surprised me and I would definitely recommend to watch it .

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