Gratititude Post – Jan 2022 – 18 June 2022

Consistency is Hard. Even when you keep it small and at baby steps, it is easy to slip into the old process. Here again, I am trying back to my routine of having a gratitude post every week.

What am I grateful for these last 6 months?

I am grateful for my mom being so considerate and understanding. I can’t be thankful enough for this however much I say.

I am grateful for being Covid safe .

I am grateful for my health at this key turning point in my life. Though I still need to make some conscious changes and priorities in my life, I am happy to come so far.

I am grateful for being able to keep my calm in many of the critical meetings at work, that usually would have thrown me in the dark. I am grateful for my experiences and journey so far.

Three Lessons I Learned

My memories of the week are waning. The work schedule and highlight is taking over my life. Do I really want these to be the memories?

I need to be able to learn to prioritize my health and personal goals better. Hitting the mid-age in my life, it is about time I do take conscious actions. Does this add value to me and my soul? would be a question, I will need to ask every hour of my day.

Time and tide for no man. The last few years especially have passed like a breeze.

What I look forward to in the second half of the year.

Hopefully getting back to focusing on my health routine. Don’t want to disappoint me

Create habits and be consistent and follow them for the rest of the year.

Be less self conscious -, be authentic, and truly enjoy myself every single day


Published by Akshata

I am an IT working professional in Bangalore and will be blogging about my thoughts on life, movies, escapades and others..

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