Gratitude Post – Week 6, 2022 – 7 Feb – 13 Feb

What am I grateful for this last weeks?

I am glad of having been able to make this time to Bellary for the upcoming celebratory week. .

I am grateful for having been able to have a mindful packing. Last weekend of sorting things with mom really helped.

I am grateful for my mom being so considerate and understanding. I can’t being thankful for this however much I say.

I am grateful for being Covid safe .

I am grateful for having been able to have some me time at salon.

I am grateful for finishing a vlog edit video.

One Lesson I Learnt

My memories of the week are waning. The work schedule and highlight is taking over my life. Do i really want these to be the memories?

What I look forward for in the week…

Hopefully getting back to focus on my health routine. Don’t want to disappoint myself

Create habits again that were committed on Week 1.

Be less self aware

and truly enjoy myself this week


Published by Akshata

I am an IT working professional in Bangalore and will be blogging about my thoughts on life, movies, escapades and others..

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